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    Ми хочемо тримати вас в курсі про всі компанії України та їх сервіс, якість та ціни, які вони пропонують. Для того, що б зробити ваш пошук простішим та доступнішим, ми поділили компанії на категорії за родом діяльності. Проте, не кожну з них нам вдалося віднести до конкретної категорії, оскільки їхня діяльність дещо специфічна. Тож для таких компаній ми створили категорію Загальне. Тут ви знайдете інформацію про гівевеї, купони на знижки, спеціальні пропозиції та розпродажі. Щоб зрозуміти, чи варто скористатися послугами конкретної компанії, ми радимо довіритися думці та досвіду споживачам, які вже на власному досвіді перевірили якість сервісу. Тут ви також знайдете відгуки про благодійні організації, оскільки вони також потребують перевірки та оцінки. Дізнайтеся, чи чесно вони використовують гроші, які ви надсилаєте на допомогу. Чи дійсно вони вирішують ті проблеми, про які говорять? Читайте і дізнавайтеся відгуки реальних покупців!


    Upon visiting a company’s website, you always read texts about the outstanding quality of their products, their great customer service and their costumer friendly workers. It is very easy to put these kind of texts on a website, but how do you know if these claims are justified? Of course, you can test this by taking the risk of making a purchase. Alternatively, you could take tactical approach and make use of the feedback of customers that went before you. By reading their reviews, opinions and complaints, you’ll get a clear and accurate view of the company that goes beyond the marketing claims on their website.

    The General category 
    Featured on this website, are the customer reviews of a broad variety of companies. To make the large amount of reviews on the website accessible and make finding the right review as easy as possible, the companies have been divided into several categories. In the Wealth category, for instance, you can find companies that offer savings and help you invest, while the Online Shops category contains companies that busy themselves with online sales of variant products

    Sometimes, though, companies are so unique that they cannot be divided into a set category. In order to have a place to put these companies, we made the General category. In this category you can find organisations offering free items, but you can also find reviews of charitable causes that you can support. If you’re looking for a company that you could not find in one of the other categories, then chances are that you can find that company in this category.

    From coupons to gifts: You can find it all here.
    In the General category you can find different subcategories in which these companies are divided. The subcategories that you can find are:

    • Discounts and special offers: These can be websites that offer products for a reduced price, but also websites that collect coupons.

    • Free Stuff: Here you find websites that offer free items like samples or temporary subscriptions that you can get for a limited period.

    • Good Causes: In this category you can find a range of charities.

    • Lotteries: Here you can find providers of lotteries in the UK, rated by customers.

    • Games and Winning: In this category you can find providers of games and gambling challenges.

    • Gifts: Within this section there are suppliers of original gifts that you can purchase for yourself or someone else.

    • E-smoking: Here you can find providers of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and other relevant equipment.

    • Florists: A range of florists for purchasing flower deliveries for yourself or someone else.

    • Canvas: in this category you find companies that make it possible to print your picture on a canvas.

    Click on the category that you are looking for, search for your company of interest and read about experiences, reviews and complaints from other customers to get a clear and realistic view of this organisation.